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How does Gamstop help vulnerable punters?

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For centuries, gambling has become part of British culture and various forms of this entertaining activity are available there.

Based on history, the UK regulated and legalized gambling activities in 1845, and today, remote gambling represents the largest part of the market there. Hence, with this easy access to internet gambling, problems related to this field is undoubtedly rising despite the stringent rules enforced by the UK Gambling Commission. 

Apart from these stricter laws to reduce gambling harms as much as possible, other services are also launched to help vulnerable punters to limit their gambling activities. Gamstop is a well-known program reputed to be effective for helping the players by allowing them to self-exclude from all the licence holders gambling sites. How does this scheme help vulnerable gamblers?

About Gamstop UK Scheme

In November 2016, a company called National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme (NOSES) was established in the goal to restrict addict consumers from gambling websites. This firm launched a not-for-profit organization under the name of Gamstop in April 2018. As its name suggests, Gamstop is a scheme for a self-exclusion solution to minimize gambling problems in the UK. In fact, with this app, the punters sign up and after the registration, they will be banned on their chosen websites. Nonetheless, these platforms must be licensed and regulated by the UKGC. On the other hand, CasinoGap says that there are some reputable slots sites not under Gamstop gambling network where UK players could put their bet. The limit of the prohibition depends on their choice so they can bar themselves for a period of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Obviously, they cannot have access to their chosen sports betting sites and online casinos until the period has expired. These consumers can ask Gamstop to remove their self-exclusion and after the approval, they can have access to the websites again.

Gamstop Duties

As Gamstop was created to allow the punters to exclude themselves from gambling platforms, this scheme has the main duty to prevent problems related to gambling. Additionally, with the goal to promote responsible gambling, this free independent organism also offers an option to register for multi-operator self-exclusion provided that these operators are licensed by the UKGC. This program is profitable not only for the consumers but also for the gambling operators. Concerning the customers, they can avoid gambling issues after being prohibited. 

As for the operators, despite losing some players, their reputation will improve since they are recognized to encourage social responsibility in the gambling industry. As announced by the Gambling Commission in January 2020, all the online gambling companies must participate in the Gamstop scheme. Moreover, apart from this exclusion option, Gamstop is also packed with effective approaches to support pathological gamblers or people who need advice and encouragement.

How does Gamstop help vulnerable gamblers?

As stated above, Gamstop is engaged in helping punters who may develop or experience gambling problems. These defenceless bettors are first required to join Gamstop by registering at this platform. The registration is both easy and quick in order to facilitate the process. Actually, the applicants have to provide their identities such as date of birth, postcode, and e-mail address. It is worth mentioning that signing-up on another identity is prohibited. These consumers will receive an email within 24 hours resuming the details about the ban after the registration. Once this confirmation is approved, these punters will be blocked on their chosen gambling operators as previously described. 

To answer the question, Gamstop aids the vulnerable gamblers by letting them remove themselves at the licensed gambling sites of their choice. Since they cannot have access to websites, these players need support and advice encouraging them to reach their objectives. These further support options are specifically created to help people with pathological gambling behaviour. As a matter of fact, this guidance can include gambling, practical, emotional, and debt supports. This means that all gamblers who hope to find a treatment or who need assistance can register at Gamstop.

To Sum Up

In this modern era, it is easy to have access to different types of gambling activities. With the rise of the betting and gaming platforms, the rate of problem gamblers or those who are at risk of addiction is increased. Since Great Britain is among the territories to apply stricter gambling laws, various entities were launched to make these rules more effective. One of these organizations that aim to reduce the gambling problems and to encourage safe gambling is Gamstop. 

This scheme is responsible for helping people at-risk of experiencing gambling harms. Out of this self-exclusion option, the body also offers various supports to the gamblers.

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