How France’s young and old helped the team win the WC

Manager Didier Deschamps explained how 14 of his footballers have never played in the World Cup before, but they had a little help

France national team boss Didier Deschamps recently won the FIFA The Best Award for his coaching abilities.

And in an interview with, he explained how the mixture of young and old made his team win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

“I selected young players because I believed they had the requisite quality. The doubts I had were more about their experience, as there were 14 of them who’d never played at a World Cup before,” he said.

“But they had the more experienced players all around them, so that helped on a psychological level. What I perhaps hadn’t envisaged was that they’d prove to be so decisive.”

“That’s to their credit and no one can take that from them, but back when I called them into the squad, I knew that they could deliver,” he explained.

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“As I see it, there are three types of leaders: technical, physical and mental. You might have one player with all these attributes or different players with one of them each, but it’s not a case of just one leader,” he added about the veterans on the team.

“For example, in our case, the captain Hugo Lloris very much typifies a leader but there are others who exhibit those qualities too. You have Paul Pogba and Blaise Matuidi, who are very expressive, while Raphael Varane also contributed at every level.”

“And for that, you obviously need to have some experience and to have played big competitions, because then it’s something that comes naturally,” he concluded.


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