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How good is Cristiano Ronaldo at poker and gambling?

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When a candidate for the title of the best football player in history became a public face of the largest online poker company in the world in 2015, many people were surprised to hear the news of Ronaldo involved with gambling.

It was his positive example that showed everyone how responsible gambling can be one of the most enjoyable activities for anyone. Still, there’s always a question of how good is Cristiano Ronaldo at poker? Did PokerStars use his name only because of its marketing potential or does this 36-year-old striker actually know something about the game? We’ll try and figure it out in this article.

Football made Ronaldo love poker

The life of a professional athlete requires great sacrifice, and quarantines are a common lifestyle for football players. Before visiting his first online casino no account or online platform was needed to make Cristiano Ronaldo fall in love with poker. In his 20s, while spending time under a lockdown, the Portuguese superstar played Poker with his teammates.  He quickly realized that poker is much like football – it requires both talent and skills that he could master. Thanks to his mindset which always strives for perfection, Ronaldo was quickly able to compete with more dedicated gamblers so he decided to move on.

Winning in high stake poker games

Cooperation with PokerStars was not exclusive for CR, Neymar and many other great athletes were Brand ambassadors and promoters of the largest online gambling company’s poker tournament. What’s interesting is that, after a little digging, we found out that all the players involved in PokerStars’ campaign were high stake poker players as well.

In order to see how good CR was at poker, we needed to check his involvement in gambling both offline and online. We even checked online poker sites for Danish-speaking consumers in order to find Ronaldo’s online gambling footprint. We weren’t surprised when Cristiano’s involvement in a charity event came up, though. In an event that was an online poker sensation, Cristiano Ronaldo played against Hollywood superstar Aaron Paul. In a nerve testing game of Texas Hold’em, Ronaldo won $20000 for children in need.

However, when playing for his amusement, Juventus’ forward gambles with some serious sums. While answering questions regarding his partnership with PokerStars, Ronaldo mentioned that while football is his favorite sport, poker is his “favorite game”. One of the best football players in the world finds that poker requires practice and dedication because there are skills that can put you at an advantage against your opponent. Knowing the effort he puts into football practice, it’s reasonable to assume that Ronaldo gets better at poker every single day.

Final thoughts

A professional football career is short and leaves a lot of space for new interests or expansion of our former hobbies. Cristiano Ronaldo is interested in poker as a game and shows amazing skills in big games. He’s a risk-taking self-confident winner and there’s a bright future for him in professional poker. He stays true to his altruistic nature and takes part in online poker charity events, which is reason enough to think of him as a great poker player.

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