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How important can Hirving Lozano be to SSC Napoli?

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We need to talk about the importance that Hirving Lozano’s arrival to SSC Napoli has to Serie A and Italian football in general.

SSC Napoli had been trying to land a proper star for their new project this season, Hirving Lozano might not have been the top pick but he is certainly a great one.

The Italian club is one of the institutions in Calcio with the greatest tradition, they are considered amongst the top squads in the country’s history despite not being one of the most successful ones.

There is a specific reason why this is, Napoli had Diego Maradona in their ranks when he was at his best.

Aurelio De Laurentiis has been trying to sign a player who awakens a similar kind of hype for many years, and we think Hirving Lozano has the quality to make that happen.

Although Carlo Ancelotti had been trying to get James Rodriguez from Real Madrid all summer, he certainly is very happy with the final decision to bring ‘Chucky’ under his command.

In fact, Lozano is a player with untapped potential that can take him to become one of the best players in the world very soon.

James on the other hand, is a footballer who is already one of the best but he won’t improve any further.

But there are also a number of factors that make Lozano a perfect pick for Napoli, we are about to discuss them in this article and tell you all about Ancelotti’s reaction to his arrival.

‘Chucky’ is the most in-demand position in the market right now.

We’ve talked about this many times in the past, players like James Rodriguez are starting to become extinct because another position is taking over from the traditional playmaker role.

The Colombian star is a more static player who works better when the system is accommodated to his specific set of skills, but football is rapidly evolving.

The modern times have thrown a new breed of footballers to the mix, the already familiar winger who plays wide open on the sides.

These players can be quickly recognized by anybody who knows anything about football, they are versatile and can also perform as playmakers.

We can mention the names of many variations of this player such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Arjen Robben, Eden Hazard, and many more.

Hirving Lozano plays the exact same position and these types of footballers can be equally effective when you try to use them in another role.

In Lozano’s case, he was basically born as a winger but he can also perform equally well right behind the strikers.

We can already predict that he will have a unique understanding with Lorenzo Insigne during his time in Napoli.

The day has been crazy for Lozano, he already practiced alongside his new teammates and he seemed quite happy while he did it.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti is also thrilled to have such a versatile player under his command, he thinks Napoli has a shot to win the title with ‘Chuky’ by their side.

“We have become more competitive,” Ancelotti said via Goal.

“With Lozano and the other new arrivals, the level of quality in the squad has increased and we’re stronger overall than last year.”

“The club has had a very good transfer window and spent big, which I’m pleased about.”

“He’s a player that we’ve been tracking for a while and thanks to the club’s hard work, we finally now have him here with us,” Ancelotti added.

“It wasn’t a simple operation. Lozano brings extra technical quality to the squad. He’s full of desire and is very excited and motivated to be at Napoli. Those are the characteristics that we like, besides his technical ability.”

“Hirving can play anywhere across the frontline. On the left, right or behind the striker. Maybe he can also play as a striker himself. He’s a complete footballer with fantastic quality.”

How far can Hirving Lozano take Napoli in Serie A this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.