How important was Everton in Limpar’s career

The former Swedish midfielder played for Everton for three years and he spoke now how important this team was in his career.

Former Swedish midfielder Anders Erik Limpar played for Everton in the English Premier League from 1994 to 1997.

He scored 5 goals in 66 matches played for the Blues.

And as a footballer that has played in Arsenal, Young Boys, Birmingham City, and other teams, he said the Blues were very important in his life.

“I can remember all my games, details from matches I played 25, 30 years ago,” Limpar told the Everton official site.

“I am a man who likes details. I can tell players how to improve the details of their games: how to take on a player – on which side, what to do straight after when another defender is coming. I am good at that.”

“But I can’t see how to change the game. When a team is losing 2-0 and needs to switch tactics? For me that is impossible. I can’t see it,” he explained.

“That is why I am not a good manager. I am not like a Jose Mourinho or Unai Emery. I am a good assistant.”

“I went to Liverpool to play for a contract in 1987,” added Limpar.

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“Kenny Dalglish brought me over for three weeks and they wanted me to sign. But Sweden was not in the EU and you needed 10 international caps to get a work permit. I had three.”

“Alan Hansen looked after me when I was there. I played with John Barnes, Ray Houghton and the rest of them,” he continued.

“Then, when I was leaving Arsenal, I was going to Manchester to talk to City. On the way, Mike Walker phoned my agent.”

“And Kenny Dalglish called to say he would love to have me at Blackburn. My agent said, ‘We can’t come to Blackburn, we have to go to Manchester and Everton’. Kenny was a little bit angry about that,” he explained.

“I signed for Everton because I liked Mike Walker’s way of talking football. It was a little bit different when I joined, though.”


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