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How Jadon Sancho would avenge United over Carlos Tevez

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It’s time to talk about the way in which Manchester United could have their sweet revenge over Carlos Tevez if Jadon Sancho played there.

To those who don’t remember who things went down, Carlo Tevez moved directly from Manchester United to Manchester City back in 2009 due to his differences with the manager and the possibility of Jadon Sancho could mean that the Red Devils may get their sweet revenge a decade later.

Many of the Red Devils’ supporters were hurt by the way in which the Argentine forward left the institution, they were even more humiliated when he won the Premier League during the 2011-12 season in a shocking last match of the season.

Despite Carlos Teves won several important trophies with the Red Devils, the Argentine player still reckons that he had a much happier time with the Citizens and he is one of the club’s most respected players.

Manchester United is a very different situation, Sir Alex Ferguson was very hurt by the way things unfolded between the player and the club, this obviously translated to the fans as he was constantly bullied when he visited Old Trafford after leaving and people were incredibly ruthless against ‘Carlitos’.

But Tevez had a strong character from his days in Argentine football, he never let a bit of banter affect him.

Manchester United decided to let the bad situation sink in, Manchester City will need decades to win the same amount of trophies that the Red Devils got throughout their history and paying attention to specific situations such as the one with Carlos Tevez is unbecoming for them.

However, if a new opportunity to get that sweet revenge would present itself, surely Manchester United wouldn’t ignore it and they would act on it immediately.

This is how Jadon Sancho comes into the story, the young English Borussia Dortmund star is currently one of the hottest players in the Bundesliga and the Red Devils have been trying to sign him for next season.

The way in which Sancho left Manchester City was a bit similar to the way Tevez left United, only Jadon could have a much more important impact in the squad if he decided to play for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad.

The young player also had his differences with Pep Guardiola when they attempted to negotiate his new contract, the Catalan manager didn’t think this player deserved to get what he asked for and Sancho made the choice to leave the Citizens.


Unfortunately for Manchester City, Jadon Sancho has managed to silence all his critics and completely ridicule Pep Guardiola’s stance on not getting the player the contract he wanted by becoming one of European football’s greatest revelations this season.

Just to give you an example, this player gave yet another assist during this Saturday’s Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg and helped Borussia Dortmund recover the top of the competition.

Clearly, this player is a safe bet for any club that decides to sign him but Manchester United would have a special satisfaction if they brought him to the club.

There is no way that a scenario in which the Red Devils arrange a welcome committee with a big sign that says “Welcome Back to Manchester”, wouldn’t be seen as a direct provocation to the Citizens and a direct form of revenge for the way in which Carlitos Tevez left the club ten years ago.

We are certain that Jadon Sancho would be keen on becoming the new number ‘7’ for the club, this could be the perfect opportunity for him to prove that Manchester City was wrong to let him go.

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