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How Johan Cruyff fixed his relationship with FC Barcelona

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Jordi Cruyff talks about how his father Johan, managed to mend his troubled relationship with FC Barcelona right before he passed away.

The love story between Johan Cruyff and FC Barcelona lasted for decades, ever since he was a player and began his journey with the Catalan club back in the seventies.

But the Dutch winger didn’t have only good moments with the institution, he also had massive falling outs during the nineties and he distanced himself from the club for many years after he coached Barcelona.

There was even a time when Cruyff wasn’t as revered as he is now by the club’s board of directors, something that was frankly unforgivable for many of the supporters because Johan is the godfather of the club’s philosophy.

His son Jordi, spoke to Diario Sport about the final days and how his father was able to fix his relationship with the club before he passed away.

He also explained how the Johan Cruyff Foundation came to fruition, an institution that was created in his father’s name by the club.

“My father is the one who gives the first step, I never want to have anything to do there but I eventually have to. I did nothing that he didn’t start,” said Jordi to Diario Sport.

“My father was open. He was going to sign an agreement with FC Barcelona but he didn’t make it in time, that’s when the foundation kind of started.”

“It was time to leave the bad blood in the past and start over, that process wasn’t completed by him because he passed away but the whole ceremony was already planned. All I did was to follow what he wanted to do.”

“The reconciliation came in time right before he passed, it wasn’t the most important for him but he did care about it. He was happy after doing it.”

“We are also very happy to see how everybody talks about my father. As a son and a member of his family, having this experience is very moving,” he concluded.