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How Jose Mourinho lost his Midas Touch

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From being the most sought-after managers in the world to last Monday’s shameful presser display, we tell you how Jose Mourinho lost his Midas Touch.

It was just a few years ago when Jose Mourinho’s famous defensive tactics and alleged great relationship with his players, made the manager one of the most prestigious managers in the world, he just had that Midas Touch that turned everything into gold. Back then Jose put his money where his mouth was, he won the treble after practically defeating Pep Guardiola’s tiki-taka style and then made his move to Real Madrid where he kept performing at the highest level and managed to end the Spanish manager’s dominance in European football. But during his spell with Los Blancos something went terribly wrong, Jose Mourinho was no longer that man who could speak to all the staff inside the club without a problem and he was no longer friends with many of the players in the club. The Portuguese manager had slowly turned into a bully, this is the beginning of the end for Jose Mourinho’s Midas Touch that turned him into the best manager in the world. Real’s president Florentino Perez realized this soon and sacked the manager, but Mou had already arranged a new deal to return to Chelsea.

Jose had the trust of his former Chelsea players but the bad relationships with the new ones quickly began to emerge, he did manage to win another Premier League but the players who knew this new side of Jose Mourinho refused to work with him any longer and decided to simply stop performing for him. Roman Abramovic also caught wind of what was going on and he quickly called for a meeting in which both men reached amicable terms for the manager’s dismissal, the most alarming part of this whole situation is that Jose Mourinho doesn’t want to accept he is wrong and he keeps trying to uphold his law against anyone who opposes it. Many of the best players in the world did have the burning desire to play for Jose even if his tactics were more defensive than other managers’, but now that he seems to be going down the deep end and is not stopping to evaluate his situation, there are many players who simply don’t want to play for Jose Mourinho anymore. We are about to give you some examples of what we mean by this, with what happened at Manchester United during the current summer transfer window.

Gareth Bale and Mario Mandzukic snub Mourinho.

The first one and the most famous that didn’t want to play with Jose Mourinho is Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, the Welshman has been sought-after by the Portuguese manager for years now and he always kept saying no to any offer coming from Manchester United. This last Champions League season the Portuguese manager started hoping for a chance to get the man from Cardiff after his statements following the final against Liverpool, but Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Los Blancos changed Bale’s mind completely because that meant he would be the most valued asset in the club. Even if Gareth Bale’s agent did have conversations with the Red Devils before the summer started, it’s simply more attractive to stay in a club where you know all the players will practice offensive football and where you are going to be the top man. This was Jose’s biggest frustration of the summer transfer market, but there are a couple more that we have to mention.

The latest player to snub Mourinho because he’s lost his touch is Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic, a player who is past his thirties and still gave himself the luxury of saying no to Manchester United because he simply prefers to play on the same squad as Cristiano Ronaldo. For Mario going to a club where so much drama is happening right now was simply not as appealing, so Mourinho ended up empty-handed again. But players from the Premier League have also said no to the Portuguese manager, Leicester City’s centre-back Harry Maguire recently stated that he feels great for staying with the Foxes despite the offers that came to his agent. It is well-known that Jose Mourinho desperately wanted to sign the England international but all he got was a door slammed on his face, and it’s not even sad anymore because of how predictable Jose has become. We don’t know if he will get sacked by Manchester United sooner or later, he may. What we do know is that the man needs to step back for a bit, take a sabbatical, and rethink his whole strategy because the old one is obsolete.

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