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How Julen Lopetegui humiliated Vinicius Junior

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We need to talk about the constant humiliation that Brazilian Vinicius Junior went through under manager Julen Lopetegui at Real Madrid.

To everybody who has followed Julen Lopetegui’s short spell at Real Madrid, you can easily spot that the whole deal with Vinicius Junior was one of the biggest reasons why Florentino Perez sacked him.

The Brazilian Flamengo product was bought by Real Madrid since last season, but he didn’t come to the first squad until after he was 18 due to FIFA’s age restriction laws with players from abroad.

The whole plan was already in motion and the club wanted Vinicius to be part of the first Real Madrid squad as soon as he got there, but Julen Lopetegui got the wrong signals from that message and for some stupid reason he believed he was part of a pissing contest with the president.

Some journalists from Spain applaud what Lopetegui did to the lad, who is the least guilty of everything that was happening in the club, but he was the first victim of this whole contest between the manager and the board of directors.

Lopetegui came with the idea that he simply didn’t like Vinicius, despite getting constant proves that he really is one of the best young talents in the world right now after his many demonstrations of talent when he played for Santiago Solari’s Real Madrid Castilla.

Julen even decided to play the politics game and attend some matches where Vinicius gave outstanding performances, even then he never really gave the kid his big break.

To some people, Lopetegui even humiliated the Brazilian on several occasions. The first big mistake that the manager made, was when he gave the player only one minute to play against Atletico Madrid in La Liga’s Derby.

Even with this situation, the player was a good sport and never said anything wrong to upset anyone because he understands that he is still very young and he needed to earn a spot in the club.

But despite the kid’s obviously mature approach to the whole ordeal, Julen Lopetegui played him a few more times by including him on the list for some La Liga matches and then dropping him out of it on the last minute.

The Real Madrid board of directors frankly didn’t understand why the manager was doing this to an inexperienced player whose only dream is to play minutes with the club’s first squad, this served Santiago Solari very well because he got to know the player even better and took advantage of his painfully obvious massive talent.

Lopetegui’s actions started feeling like a clear power struggle against Florentino, who was clearly asking him to give the Brazilian his big break and the Spaniard simply refused by using the player as the escape goat.

There are many Madridistas who despite caring about the humiliating El Clasico defeat, cared a lot more about Julen Lopetegui’s rude behavior against Vinicius.

The last one he pulled was right before playing at Camp Nou as the club’s board of directors won an appeal to lift a suspension from the player, this gave him the chance to be included on the list for El Clasico and Lopetegui even included him in the call-up list.

However, the manager wanted to leave his clear message knowing that he was already on his way out and angered absolutely everybody by leaving the Brazilian young star out of the match completely.

To an important part of the Spanish press, this was one of the main reasons why the Real Madrid board decided to sack Lopetegui.

Doing something like this to a newcomer like Vinicius, was something completely unacceptable and a decision that most of us didn’t even understand.

Fortunately for the Brazilian, he will play a lot more under new Real Madrid manager Santiago Solari. Get ready for Vinicius, he may even play this Wednesday at Melilla.

What explanation can you find about Julen Lopetegui’s treatment of Vinicius? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.