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How Keylor Navas is taking Thibaut Courtois’ starring role

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After this Tuesday’s performance against Tottenham, it is clear that Keylor Navas will do everything to steal Thibaut Courtois’ position.

Just when we thought that the goalkeeper debate between Keylor Navas and Thibaut Courtois was closed, the Costa Rica international comes and ignites it again.

The whole reason why Florentino Perez kept pushing for the Central American goalie to leave Real Madrid was precisely for this situation.

The president knows that Keylor will never give up on his spot as the Real Madrid starring goalkeeper just like that, the options were to sell him or leave him to instill fear on Courtois.

We can’t forget that both of these goalkeepers won the awards for best in Europe and best in the world in the same year, this was supposed to pose a major dilemma for Zinedine Zidane.

However, the French manager’s preference has always been clear. ‘Zizou’ always lobbied for Navas to maintain his position at the club, but Florentino has always rejected this goalkeeper and attempted to kick him out of the club for no reason.

In fact, the great results that Navas keeps having are the biggest headache that Perez ever got during his second term as the president.

And just when he thought everything was settled in this front, Courtois injures his ankle and Navas plays a fantastic match against Tottenham during the same week.

Courtois’ unfortunate words come back to haunt him.

Perhaps the funniest part of all this was Thibaut Courtois’ arrogant demeanor, he truly believes that he has his position secured at Real Madrid.

The goalkeeper recently came out in public to basically state that Keylor Navas doesn’t pose a major threat for him.

Marca picked up a statement he made during an interview, in which he appeared too confident about this new season.

“I think it’s clear who is the number one here. I feel stronger than ever,” said Courtois last week.

“I’ve had a very good preparation, I trained very well and I feel very sharp. After last season, my fat percentage was 8,8%.”

“I came back this summer with 8,1%, which is great after a month of vacation. I feel very well, I hope I can continue on this line,” he added.

The problem here is that Courtois fell injured right after making this statement, which just became a huge problem for Florentino Perez.

The president will have to open a new front with Zinedine Zidane because he wants Courtois to start as the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

But Keylor’s performance vs Tottenham and the Belgian’s recent injury will complicate things.


Zidane must be smiling after this new development, he did talk about this debate after the match vs Spurs.

“I always think positively and nobody can take what we’re going to do this year away from me,” said Zidane on the Real Madrid official website.

“We ended a tough season and we’ve had a difficult start to this one. I know that I’ve got an excellent team. We’re still not ready.”

“We’re going to regain more of our play and confidence and we’ll get through this. All we need to do is win one game.”

“We made a better start tonight and we need to improve every day. We can’t be happy with the defeat, but we were better in all departments. That’s the positive thing about all this.”

“This is very clear for everybody. Keylor had a great performance today. We have to look very well at what Courtois said the other day.”

“I don’t think any player from this squad has a secured spot as a starter. Everybody is on the same squad. Everybody must be ready to play.”

“We have to talk about the ones who are here today, about the ones who did great.”

“These are the players that we’ve got and that’s the end of it. Things can change up until 31 August.”

“I trust my players. Losing isn’t pleasant but we’re not going to lose confidence because we know that it’s going to be a very long year and that we’ll deliver,” he concluded.

Who will be Real Madrid’s starting goalkeeper this season, Keylor Navas or Thibaut Courtois? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.