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How Manchester City abused Watford at Etihad Stadium

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With yet another incredible performance from Kevin de Bruyne, Manchester City demolished Watford at Etihad Stadium 8-0.

The level of performance that Kevin de Bruyne reached today with Manchester City is getting ridiculous, he led the abuse against Watford at Etihad Stadium.

Having a 5-point disadvantage with Liverpool has all the Citizen players fired up, they can’t stand being in second place and all they care about is getting back to the top.

Today’s victim was Watford, which is one of the weakest clubs in English football right now.

The first 20 minutes were absolute fire from Pep Guardiola’s team, who knew they would get a scandalous result this Saturday.

The whole setting was served for a historic evening, we were in for a treat from Manchester City.

The first goal didn’t take too long to come, it was by Kevin de Bruyne’s right foot and David Silva was the man who only had to tap it in.

The second goal also came pretty fast after Riyad Mahrez got taken down inside the box, Sergio Aguero scored the penalty and reached his 100th goal at Etihad Stadium.

The Argentine is the player with the most goals scored in that pitch, he also scored on every single Premier League match this season.

But as we’ve mentioned many times before, Manchester City’s strength lies in how many incredibly talented players they have.

It wasn’t just De Bruyne who delivered a great performance this evening.

With his provoked penalty that Sergio Aguero scored, Riyad Mahrez wanted to get his own goal and he got it through a free-kick.

The Algerian’s attempt got deviated by a defender and the Watford goalkeeper couldn’t do much to save it.

This was already a party with the third goal for the Citizens, but we had a lot more ahead.

Bernardo Silva scored the fourth with a low header and began his particular evening.

Before the 20th minute, even Nicolas Otamendi got to score a goal after Sergio Aguero found him with a clinical cross.

If you get your math right, that was already 5-0 before the 20th minute of the match.

Pep Guardiola requested his players to avoid getting any injuries from the Watford footballers, he knew that a 5-0 before the first 20 minutes of the game could get somebody triggered.

In that spirit, the Citizens managed the rest of the first half without scoring another goal. But the second half brought us more of the same from the locals, they truly were out for blood against Watford.

Pep’s philosophy is to never shy away from scoring as many goals as possible, not doing it is considered a disservice to the rivals in his mind.

Although they weren’t as effective during the next 45 minutes, Manchester City still had some more goals up their sleeves.

Bernardo gets the match ball.

This is where the Bernardo Silva story took momentum, the Portuguese midfielder was in the right place at the right time.

It took him only three minutes into the second half to score the sixth goal of the evening, he did it with help from David Silva through a dinked assist between two defenders.

Bernardo got his second goal but he still wanted to get more. De Bruyne’s crossing skills came in quite handy for the Citizens’ seventh of the evening, he found Bernardo for his hat-trick and still 30 minutes left on the clock.

This was already a scandalous result, but Kevin still wanted to get his own.

The Belgian midfielder released a potent strike that the goalkeeper couldn’t stop, that was the final goal of the evening for Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola remained unphased by the result, he knew that today was a perfect opportunity to recover from last week’s defeat at Norwich.

Just to close on this analysis of Manchester City’s victory, the players who took the team forward were Riyad Mahrez, Bernardo Silva with his hat-trick, and Kevin de Bruyne with his two assists and a goal.

All that with other great footballers such as Raheem Sterling or Gabriel Jesus on the bench, Guardiola must be thrilled for the roster that he has this season.

What’s your biggest take away from Manchester City’s smashing victory against Watford? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.