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How Maxime Lopez lost his way

Maxime Lopez, Marseille, Ligue 1
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According to 21-year-old Maxime Lopez, a call from Barcelona two years ago made him lose ground and he lost his way since then.

Two years ago Barcelona sporting director Robert Fernandez called Marseille’s wonderkid Maxime Lopez.

And the 21-year-old lost his way, after believing he already “made it” in the world of football.

“At the end of my first season, Barça’s sporting director spoke with my agent,” he told Sport in English.

“[My agent] told me there was interest from [Barça] for the next summer if I had a good season.”

The youngster explained: “It was then when in my head I said to myself: ‘That’s it. I’ve made it’.”

“And then I lost my way for six months.”

“During that time, I didn’t even recognize myself,” he added.

“When you’re that age and you get interest from a club like Barça, you imagine a lot of things.”

“But football can hit you quickly. They’re tests you get in this profession and that makes you mentally stronger,” he concluded.