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How Ronaldo dumped Coca-Cola stock

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You must have seen the headlines about Cristiano Ronaldo throwing down Coca-Cola stock.

The Brazilian footballer removed several bottles of soda from a press conference to encourage people to drink water. The gesture reduced Coca-Cola’s market value by $4 billion. The company’s stock fell 1.6 percent.

Ronaldo’s act of generosity reduced Coca-Cola’s market value by $4 billion

On Monday, the soccer player’s act lowered Coca-Cola’s market capitalization by $4 billion. Ronaldo took two bottles of Coca-Cola from a soccer player and held them up, as if to show that he prefers water. He also signed up for Insider’s newsletter, which sent him offers and emails. One of the offers was from a company called Bluechip.io. He also agreed to the company’s terms and conditions and its privacy policy.

Ronaldo’s act of generosity was widely publicized. The footballer is known as a follower of a healthy lifestyle. He is known to have 300 million followers on Instagram. He is also known for his ultra-healthy diet, eating up to six meals a day.

The footballer’s gesture caused a negative reaction from Coca-Cola shareholders. Although the company’s stock price fell, it recovered most of its value. On Monday, Coca-Cola stock was trading 0.25 percent lower.

Coca-Cola has a sound balance sheet

Coca-Cola’s balance sheets are sound and the company has good cash flow relative to its market capitalization. Coca-Cola also enjoys a low debt-to-equity ratio and lower long-term debt. Coca-Cola’s balance sheet also includes goodwill and intangible assets, which make up more than 30% of its total assets.

Coca-Cola’s net debt to EBITDA ratio could rise to 3.7% if it was insolvent to pay its creditors. This would reduce its ability to invest in growth. However, Coca-Cola’s high payout ratio limits its ability to deleverage, so it would have to rely on earnings growth or asset sales to raise capital.

Coca-Cola’s record for increasing dividends is impressive. Its payout ratio is slightly above management’s long-term target of 75%, but that can be lowered by increasing dividends more slowly than earnings. The company recently increased its quarterly dividend by a penny, representing 2.4% growth.

Ronaldo is a vocal advocate for healthy eating

During a recent media interaction with reporters, Ronaldo shifted two bottles of Coke away from him and leaned on a water bottle. He was aiming to encourage fans to drink water instead of the fizzy drink. This action garnered widespread media coverage and gained Ronaldo praise. Coca-Cola’s stock prices fell by 4% Monday. In the past week alone, the company’s stock has lost 11% of its value.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s footballer has spoken out about how healthy he is and that he avoids soft drinks. He even asked his children to stop drinking soda at a press conference. Ronaldo has been known to promote junk food and endorse soft drinks. However, he now advocates healthy eating. His strict diet has been credited with his success. He has recently set a record for most career goals in the European Championships, scoring two goals in a 3-0 win over Hungary.

Ronaldo has made a big impact on Coca-Cola’s brand value. He suggested recently that people drink water rather than Coca-Cola. This is because Coca-Cola was a sponsor for the Euro 2020 tournament. Although this did not affect Coca-Cola directly, it caused the stock price of the company to drop by $4 billion.

Ronaldo has 308 million Instagram followers

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the Instagram record for most followers. The Manchester United footballer now has 400 million followers, breaking the previous record he set in September. The social media platform’s most liked person is the Portuguese star Cristiano, who has an average of 10,000,000 likes for each post. Cristiano is now followed by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Lionel Messi and Piers Morgan.

His astronomical income reflects his huge following. HypeAuditor is a website that analyses Instagram influencers and claims Ronaldo has about one fourth of his followers fake. The company says that about 18 per cent of his followers are mass followers and 6.4 percent are suspicious accounts. “Mass followers” are automatic accounts that follow influencers, but never see the posts they post. These accounts are also known as Instagram bots.

Ronaldo makes a staggering 40 million dollars a year from his Instagram account. He’s expected to make $1.6 million per post by 2021. In addition, he boasts that every post has been liked by ten million people. Although he has 3242 total posts, he only follows 500 people. Lionel Messi and Kylie Jenner are the second and third most popular people on Instagram, respectively, with over 300 million followers each.