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How Ronaldo’s return can affect Messi’s future in Barcelona

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We need to talk about how Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible return might affect Lionel Messi’s decision about his future at FC Barcelona. 

After three years away from Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo became the ultimate cautionary tale for Lionel Messi. The Argentine is still trying to decide whether staying at FC Barcelona is a good idea or not. Cristiano’s initial decision to leave the Spanish La Liga might’ve taken some of that excitement from Leo’s burning desire to remain competitive. However, the Portuguese star hasn’t earned the results he was expecting in Italy. Even though he has won some silverware at Juventus, there’s no denying that Ronaldo is not as competitive as the rest of the world expected.

Clubs such as Real Madrid or FC Barcelona are simply built differently and for only the greatest players out there. Messi can now make a more educated choice of what Cristiano Ronaldo thinks about going back to Madrid. Trying to win titles outside of these two clubs becomes increasingly more difficult regardless of your name. Leo is thinking twice about his future now that Cristiano’s return is possible. 

How possible is for Ronaldo to return? 

If we are trying to keep it 100 for the readers, Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Real Madrid might be something he wants. However, making it happen is a whole different story for many specific reasons. For starters, his wage is almost twice what he earned before going to Juventus and Real Madrid doesn’t want to spend that much on a single player. Also, Florentino Perez considers that Los Blancos will try to sign a high-profile player but Cristiano Ronaldo is not at the top of his priorities.

Even though contact has been made between the player’s agency and the club, nothing is set in stone just yet. We do have a feeling he will leave Juventus by the end of the season, but we have reservations about his new destination. It could be Madrid, Manchester, or even Paris. Only time will tell where Cristiano will end up. Messi needs to try to follow his example and realize that leaving his comfort zone might not be the best idea right now.