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How Steve Bruce walked out on Crystal Palace

steve bruce
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Former Eagles chief Simon Jordan discussed the time when Steve Bruce decided to leave Crystal Palace after a few months in charge.

Steve Bruce is reportedly set to leave Sheffield Wednesday after managing the Championship side for only three months. With Newcastle United set to appoint the former England international, the departure is going to create a lot of problems for Wednesday.

And Simon Jordan who was the former owner of Crystal Palace, looked back at his feud with the former manager when he chose to leave the club.

Steve Bruce was actually taken to court in 2001 when he tried to leave Selhurst Park and join Birmingham after only three months.

Reflecting on the saga, Jordan told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast: “I was very unhappy, I felt he behaved inappropriately. He came to me for the job, desperate to manage Palace.

“I gave him an interview when I didn’t want to, I gave him the job, I spent millions on players with him, and the moment Birmingham batted their eyelids at him, off he wanted to go.

“I do feel sorry for Sheffield Wednesday here because they’ve gone after a manager, brought him on board and they are a big football club that need to get out of this division.

“But the difference with my situation is that I put him on a nine-month notice period, which is why this ‘gardening leave’ thing emerged.

“Whereas Sheffield Wednesday have put a big compensation clause in there, preparing for this eventuality.

“So while Sheffield Wednesday have every reason to be upset, they’ve brought a manager in, with no money invested into him, he’s been there for three [six] months and they’ve just got several million quid out of it.

“It’s not ideal, but not bad either.”

He added: “This is a job he wanted in 2003 but couldn’t take because I’d done him up at Palace, putting him on gardening leave and making everyone think that he was a manager who jumped clubs, which he did.

“When he was at Birmingham, he couldn’t take that job first time round. He wants to take it now because it’s a huge opportunity.”