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How will Napoli fare under Ancelotti?

How will Napoli fare under Ancelotti?
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Just a week ago, Maurizio Sarri appeared to be on the verge of staying at Napoli. Today, he’s unemployed, while Carlo Ancelotti inherits Napoli.

Kudos to Aurelio De Laurentis for not budging to Sarri’s demands. The Napoli manager certainly earned the right to ask for a raise, but no one is or should be above a club. In another situation, he might have given Sarri what he wanted, but on this occasion he saw an alternative and he took it. I’d say Carlo Ancelotti is a nice option to fall back on. What about Maurizio? I wouldn’t feel sad for the now former Napoli manager. Chelsea is spearheading the race to sign him. Even if it doesn’t, there will be plenty of other clubs willing to give him that pay raise he so desperately wanted.

Despite his recent struggles at Bayern, Ancelotti remains to be considered as one of the best managers in football. We have already seen that coaching Bayern Munich is not a simple task. It’s a unique club that requires a particular type of a leader from the bench. Obviously, Ancelotti wasn’t the one. That doesn’t mean, however, that he won’t be in Napoli. Usually, Carlo is very good in his first season wherever he goes. That’s because he has a way of bringing the team together. They’re all like a family, enjoy playing and spending time together. After some time, though, they get bored. Either monotony hits or the brothers begin to quirrel. Sooner or later, it happens.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves for now and see what we can expect in year one first. The bar has been set really high. Ancelotti will have a daunting task to repeat what Napoli did this past season, let alone improve. Challenging Juve for the title is a must for Napoli with a reputable manager such as him. He must have taken the job thinking he can do it, otherwise why would he accept the invitation? The squad available at his disposal is excellent. A few adjustments here and there, a couple of quality signings and Napoli could be able to compete with the best in Europe. There’s a already a symbiosis in the squad that took years to achieve. It’s up to Carletto to add his input in the bowl and mix a tasty salad that all Napoli fans will eat with joy. All the ingredients are there for Carlo Ancelotti to succeed. If he doesn’t, the 58-year-old will have nobody else to blame but himself.