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How Zinedine Zidane is rattling the transfer market

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We’ll tell you all about how French manager Zinedine Zidane is rattling the transfer market after his second coming to Real Madrid as the manager.

The Zinedine Zidane effect is perhaps one of the most influential reactions that top players have to a recently arrived manager, this happens to footballers who are outside of Real Madrid and the ones who are still at the club.

The French manager doesn’t discriminate, he tends to be very democratic with his decisions and he will give absolutely everybody a chance to prove they are worth staying at Real Madrid.

However, the man started working on the new arrivals from day one and there are several names that are currently on the manager’s list but not everybody will make the final cut.

We’ve already mentioned the biggest names who are currently being looked at on the transfer market, but there are two levels that the club is currently considering as not all the top-tier footballers will get to play for the French manager by the start of next summer.

This is the main reason why Zidane has specifically requested Florentino to look at players who are also not considered top because he wants to make a mixture of talent from many different levels.

Tuttosport recently reported that the Real Madrid boss has requested Florentino Perez to start asking about Miralem Pjanic, the Bosnian midfielder who plays for Juventus.

According to the Italian news outlet, the Spanish club would be willing to pay up to €90 million for this player and he would come with the intention of becoming one of Luka Modric’s replacements for the future and an alternative in case Paul Pogba doesn’t happen next summer.

Zidane is very aware of the effect that he is causing on every player who always wanted to be coached by the Frenchman, not many of them were entertained by the idea of playing for Real Madrid when Los Blancos were being coached by Santiago Solari or Julen Lopetegui but that changed when Zidane came back as the leader.

Al those players who didn’t imagine themselves going to Real Madrid suddenly called their agents and demanded to ask if making a transfer was possible, they all want to be coached by one of the best players in football history and the man who won three consecutive Champions League trophies in the last three seasons.

This type of pull is only familiar with top managers such as Pep Guardiola or Sir Alex Ferguson not so long ago, coaches who are guaranteed to make you win trophies if you play under them.

Despite not even making the Top 20 of the recent France Football list of the best managers in history, there is no doubt that Zidane already is becoming one of those managers and he will only need a few more years of winning major trophies to be considered amongst those prestigious names.

Players don’t really care about lists like this, they already know that ‘Zizou’ has a special kind of energy that will take him to several moments of success throughout his career and playing under him at Real Madrid should be a dream that any footballer can have.

At this point, not even Neymar can escape the charms of this French coach and he could easily forget that he once wore the FC Barcelona colors if that meant he could be managed by one of the best.

We all have to get ready for what’s coming during the summer, Zinedine Zidane will rattle the transfer market with his influence and many players will do everything they can to be considered by him for the new project that he is putting together at Real Madrid.

Apart from Mbappe, Pogba, Neymar, and Hazard, there are many more names that we will start adding to this list.

Which players of the ones we mentioned are the most likely to play at Real Madrid next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.