The team’s manager has a clear objective for next season: to improve and buy or loan the players needed to do this.

AFC Bournemouth is currently in the 13th position of the English Premier League.

Having been saved from relegation, the team is now thinking about next season, as they are hopeful they can improve.

Which is why their manager, Eddie Howe, has warned fans of what’s coming.

“I think it is a huge achievement [to be in the PL for another season], but the problem is that it gets boring for everybody here. Not the football, but the fact you stay in the Premier League is seen as the par for the course,” he told Sky Sports.

“I always think that when we achieve that, you’re over-achieving to a degree with the resources and restrictions that we have.”

“But we have some outstanding players at the same time and we’re now having to try to push and push and push to try and improve, and it’s going to be our biggest challenge to try and improve that,” he added.


Souness: Liverpool will not dominate the Premier League

Graeme Souness feels that his former team will not be able to continue their dominance and have backed Chelsea and Manchester United to rise up.

“I think I’ve said it at the end of every season that we need to keep our best players. We’ve been able to do that to this point and this will be our biggest summer in terms of doing that.”

“I’m confident that we can and it’s really important that we do because we want to head the other way rather than lose the nucleus that we have,” Howe concluded.


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