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Huddersfield coach praises Billing

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According to David Wagner, there is no other 22-year-old as good as this footballer in the English Premier League

22-year-old Philip Billing has been featured in all 13 English Premier League matches for Huddersfield Town this season.

And for manager David Wagner there is nobody comparable to him.

“He is a player you will rarely find in football with all the skills he has,” Wagner told Sky Sports.

“I cannot name you one 22-year-old player who is comparable with him. He is 6′ 6″, left-footed, with an unbelievable shot; quick vision; technique; long throw-in; endurance and now, fighting spirit as well.”

“I can’t name you a player [like him] but obviously I am not a scout, maybe some scouts are able to do it!” he added.

“Phil has added to his game this season. Since pre-season started, he has the mindset for defending and aggression and that it is enjoyable to defend.”

“He has added intensity and aggression into his game. Everything else he had before,” Wagner explained.

“When I speak with him he is so hungry and so greedy to continue this and even in training he looks very good, day in, day out.”