Hugo Sanchez disapproves Martino’s arrival in Mexico

Real Madrid legend Hugo Sanchez, showed his disapproval against Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino taking on the Mexico job for being a foreigner.

The history between Hugo Sanchez and the Mexico National Team is a bitter one at best, he was obviously going to disapprove of Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino being appointed for the job with the excuse that he just doesn’t think a foreigner should take the position.

But this vociferous response from the Real Madrid legend goes way beyond just pure nationalism, this has a lot more to do with the way in which he was fired by the Mexican Football Federation before the 2008 Olympics after he failed to qualify the u-23 National Team to the competition in 2007.

Hugo Sanchez has always been a very proud individual, he’s always had the impression that the world of Mexican football owes him a life debt because of how amazing his career was when he was a player.

Sanchez also had great success locally, when he trained Pumas between 2003-2004 and he won two back-to-back championships when he practically started his career as a manager.

The problem here is that Hugo Sanchez never really proved his worth as a professional manager on the international stage, he wasn’t able to take Mexico past the third place at the Copa America and he later got eliminated with the youth team.

Since then, Sanchez has always wanted to take another crack at coaching the National Team because he feels that the Mexican Football Federation was unfair to him.

In his mind, Hugo would’ve taken El Tri all the way to the World Cup’s semifinals back in 2010 but that opportunity was taken from him.

Sanchez has repeatedly stated that he would’ve defeated Uruguay in the Group Stage back in South Africa, which would’ve at least given the national team a chance to play against Ghana in the quarterfinals, just like the Charruas did.

But the reality of this bold statement is that we will never really know what could’ve happened, because Hugo simply wasn’t good enough to continue as the manager for Mexico back then.

Since then, Sanchez has always kept his position against any manager who is not Mexican and is given the job as the boss because he is the one who wants another shot at proving himself.

Any statement he makes against the foreign manager who comes to take the job that he wants, will forever prove that he remains bitter to this day about the way in which he left the squad.

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Now that Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino has taken the job and Hugo didn’t, the Mexican legend has come out to position himself against this decision once again with the very same excuse he uses every time a non-Mexican coach takes the position.

“For me, he is not welcome because the National Team needs to be managed by a Mexican coach,” said Hugo on ESPN.

“I respect him profoundly as a person and a professional. I would welcome him to Mexican football is he was appointed to a club from our league, but this is my posture and I will defend it till the day I die.”

“If we want to achieve great things we have to copy Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina; countries that are at the very top of the football food chain.”

“I still haven’t met a manager who was born in Argentina and has coached Brazil, or a Brazilian manager who has coached Uruguay.”

“We have to learn from that, otherwise, we will continue to be mediocre in which we are positioned at the moment,” he concluded.

What do you think about Hugo Sanchez position to reject foreign manager for the Mexican National Team? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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