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Mihajlovic: Bologna can finish 10th in Serie A

BOLOGNA, ITALY - MAY 13: Erik Pulgar of Bologna celebrates after scoring his team's second goal during the Serie A match between Bologna FC and Parma Calcio at Stadio Renato Dall'Ara on May 13, 2019 in Bologna, Italy. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
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The team only needs one point against Lazio tomorrow night to stay one more season in the Italian Lega Serie A competition.

Bologna is set to visit Lazio at Stadio Olimpico tomorrow night to play their second-to-last Italian Lega Serie A game against Lazio.

And with six points left to get, the team only needs one to make sure they can stay in the Italian top-flight.

“Our goal is to achieve mathematical safety, after that we can think about finishing as high up the table as possible,” said coach Sinisa Mihajlovic to Football Italia.

“We have two games left and we have to try and get all six points, and if we do, I believe we can finish in 10th place.”

“I’m happy to be returning to the Stadio Olimpico to play against Lazio, we know we are playing a strong team, but they already qualified for the Europa League by winning the Coppa Italia,” he added.

“We also know we will face a team with nothing to lose, while we, on the other hand, have to win. It won’t be easy, they will make it difficult for us, but if we play like we know we can, we can get a result.”

The manager explained: “They are a physical team, but are highly technical at the same time. The Coppa Final might not have been a very exciting game, but both sides’ put in a lot of effort and played with intensity. In my opinion, the Biancocelesti deserved to win it.”

“I spoke about what happened because a Lazio fan was wrongly accused, and I was sorry for those fans. I can also understand the tension the policeman was under, to a certain extent, considering the situation outside the stadium.”

“They all apologized, even the head of the Digos law enforcement agency, who called me personally. I don’t want to sue anyone, if a Lazio fan had not been falsely accused, I wouldn’t have spoken about what happened,” he continued.

“It is always wrong to insult someone racially. Too often we pretend as it has never happened, and nobody ever says anything about it, but of course, I’ve never had anyone say something like that to my face.”