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‘I don’t care’ – Felix neglecting naysayers

Joao Felix - Atletico Madrid
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Joao Felix tries to maintain a thick skin as he admits to still not having fully accustomed to Atletico Madrid’s playing style.

Atletico Madrid broke the bank in signing Joao Felix as they paid Benfica a hefty €126 million to acquire his services last summer.

To put it simply, Atletico have failed to get the return of their investment. Though he has shown glimpses of his talent, Felix has largely been inconsistent in his debut season so far, scoring just eight times in 35 appearances.

Fitness issues have also played a huge part in hindering his development, with a variety of injuries keeping him on the sidelines.

Questions have been asked about the 20-year’s abilities and whether he would ever be able to deliver up to his expectations.

In an interview with Marca, Felix admits his season has been a hit-and-miss so far but tries to keep his head up.

“I’m adapting to Spain, doing my football. I’m meeting the club and always thinking of improving,” he said.

“If things don’t go the way you [the media] like it, I don’t care. As I said, I play because I like it and I am not worried about what the press or others think.

“I try not to see [the criticism], but there are some that I hear or come to me. But what am I going to do? Listen and follow my work.”