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I feel sorry for Kane – Barnes

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Liverpool legend John Barnes says England’s lack of creativity up front makes him feel sorry for Harry Kane as he receives no quality support.

Barnes believes that the lack of creative spark in England’s midfield is affecting Harry Kane as he struggled up front in their 2-1 defeat to Spain at Wembley on Saturday.

“That is why I feel so sorry for Harry Kane,” Barnes told talkSPORT.

“As much as he got the Golden Boot and is a fantastic goal scorer, we are not creating any chances for him.

“It’s because the players we want to be creative are the ones who have too many touches on the ball and who dribble.”

Barnes also slammed the FA’s obsession with players comfortable on the ball, saying it ruins creative midfielders.

“I remember when this whole directive to get more comfortable on the ball started a few years ago,” Barnes continued.

“What we did to promote comfort on the ball was start to get players who are comfortable on the ball.

“I think we needed to develop players who could play one and two touch. In,stead we got players comfortable on the ball who could take 50 touches. So now we have players who can do that.

“Look at [Jesse] Lingard, [Marcus] Rashford, [Raheem] Sterling… they’re all very good dribblers. But we don’t have a creative player like Andrea Pirlo.

“So, we either have defensive midfield players like [Eric] Dier and [Jordan] Henderson or attacking midfielder players who just dribble.”