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‘I have no problem with him’ Lampard regrets telling Klopp to ‘f*ck off’

Lampard, Klopp
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Chelsea boss Frank Lampard regrets telling Jurgen Klopp to f*ck off but defends his passion in the buildup to their row of words.

Frank Lampard saw his emotions get the better of him during Chelsea’s fall to a 5-3 loss at Anfield on Wednesday.

A series of questionable refereeing decisions were not appreciated by the Blues boss on the evening. One of those included a dubious free-kick that would go on to be the Red’s second goal in that encounter.

With a lot at stake for the Blues, it was only a matter of time before tempers started to run high.

Frank Lampard was visibly enraged with some of the fouls against his side and a puzzled Jurgen Klopp hit out at his colleague.

The pair were soon involved in a row of words and the Chelsea man was heard telling his colleague to f*ck off.

Looking back at it all, Lampard regrets using those words and even says he would have had a drink with Klopp after that game. Still he doesn’t regret it.

“To be honest, I have seen the video and I was there. In terms of the language I used, I do regret that.” he said in a press conference quoted by Goal.

“These things get played a lot on social media. I have two young daughters on social media, but in terms of my passion to defend my team, then no [regrets].”

He added: “I would have had a beer with Jurgen Klopp to toast their success.”

“There were things I didn’t like from their bench, not Jurgen Klopp, but their bench. Emotions run high in this game.”

Chelsea and Lampard now have all to play for when the Blues host Wolves on Sunday in their final Premier League fixture.