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I would prefer an internet crime than rape: Neymar’s dad

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The Paris Saint-Germain forward has been accused of allegedly raping a woman in May, but the player has tried to defend himself by publishing their communications exchange.

Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil national team star, Neymar Jr., has been accused of allegedly raping a woman back in May.

The PSG player tried to defend himself by publishing the communications exchange, saying he was a victim of a fraud.

And the footballer now can be guilty of “revenge porn”, which his dad prefers instead of raping allegations.

“We didn’t have a choice [to post the content of the video],” Neymar’s father was quoted by Goal.

“I prefer internet crime to rape. It was Instagram that took the video down. By Instagram rules, it was normal.”

“He censored the images, the name [of the woman]. He needed to defend himself quickly,” he said.

“It’s better to be truthful and show what happened. We knew about the blackmail, but did not [expect] her to go to the police.”

“The resentment she had was that Neymar didn’t give her the importance she expected and went to train that day [on May 16],” added Neymar Sr.

“She wanted him there no matter what. When he went there on the second day, he saw her mobile phone and realized she was recording.”

“We knew that it would be important to release the video [on Instagram],” he continued saying.

“He went to the bed, tried to calm her… Neymar himself was calm, left the hotel and gave her the ticket to fly back to Brazil.”