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I3 Ventures deny working for Barcelona to criticize club legends

Bartomeu, Barcelona
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Barcelona reportedly hired I3 Ventures to cause negative PR on social media and criticize club legends and past players.

Barcelona seem to be in the news lately for a whole lot of wrong reasons.

Recently, it was Messi’s row with club director Eric Abidal and now it’s a scandal with I3 Ventures.

Earlier this morning, multiple reports from Spain claimed Barcelona hired the company to ‘protect’ the image of Josep Maria Bartomeu on social media while they cause negative PR among players and club legends.

As per the report by Que t’hi jugues via Marca, the company hired by Barca manage more than 100 Facebook and Twitter accounts and have attacked names like Messi, Xavi, Pique, Guardiola and Puyol to mention a few.

For example, these accounts attacked Messi for his delay in renewing his Barca contract while attacking Pique for his off-pitch interests especially with Tennis.

I3 Ventures have released a statement to respond to the allegations.

“Regarding the information published today about a contract with Barcelona for the generation of content against certain people, athletes or businesses.”

“We wish to state for the record that this is absolutely false,” a statement published by I3 Ventures said, in response to earlier reports.

Barcelona continue to be dragged in much scandal and all of these could affect their whole season…maybe or maybe not.