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Ibrahimovic is not surprised to see Rooney going back to England

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Wayne Rooney is set to leave the MLS at the end of the season as he will play in his native country once again with Derby County.

After Wayne Rooney finished the 2019 Major League Soccer season he is set to return to his native England.

There he will join Derby County in the Championship.

And for LA Galaxy striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this was not a surprise at all.

“No, I’m not surprised [that he’s going back],” Ibrahimovic told ESPN.

“Absolutely not.”

“I think he came, he tried, he did his best and, yeah, he had patience. You need a lot of patience and it has finished, the patience,” he added.

“I mean, my deal is until December 31. What happens afterward I don’t know.”

“I’m in a different position than Wazza. Wazza is much younger than me. I am old but still dominating, still making the difference. Let’s see what happens. I have to be feeling good physically,” he commented.

“I think MLS is an exciting league.”

“It’s a growing league — a lot of things to come in place,” he added.

“New teams coming in. I mean, you have teams playing away for half the season and then they play at home because the stadium was not done. There’s a lot of things happening.”

“I enjoy it but there is a lot of things to become better, to come up in level, which it will time by time. We’re in the U.S., where nothing is impossible,” he concluded.