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Ibrahimovic talks about his favorite player “Brazilian Ronaldo”

kylian mbappe, ronaldo nazario
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s all-time favorite player is Ronaldo, and make no mistake that’s “Brazilian Ronaldo.”

Swedish legend Ibrahimovic is not one to mince his words. When he talks favorites, there is only one, and that Ronaldo.

Make no mistake though, to Zlatan, there is only one Ronaldo.

The original Ronaldo Nazario, or “Brazilian Ronaldo” as he refers to him.

In an interview with GQ, he has only ever had one favorite, and that was Ronaldo, who even made the Ibrahimovic stop and stare.

He said:

“It has always been the Brazilian Ronaldo.”

“When he played, everyone wanted to copy it, the movement, that little bag, bam-bam.”

” He had too elegant a style.”

” He was the one who made me stand in front of the television watching the game.”

When pushed for a modern-day comparison, Portuguese Ronaldo and Messi don’t even get a mention.

He fancies Kylian Mbappe’s chances if he fulfills his potential.

He added:

“Maybe Mbappe makes the difference, he’s young, we hope he continues to work hard.”

“At 19 he is already a star.”

” I hope he is still hungry and passionate about the game, to grow and do even more.”