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Ice cold Ronaldo’s recovery regime

Cristiano Ronaldo,
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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the secret behind his ability to recover and be fit to play at the very top so regularly.

Cristiano Ronaldo has some very unique habits. He has some of the strictest schedules and lifestyles. He is the kind of athlete that will make the necessary sacrifice to be the very best.

We have heard how he eats six or seven times and day and even takes up to five power naps.

There are the stories of his middle of the night workouts that blow the mind of even his closest teammates.

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Morning Workout💪🏼

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Even his family plays there part in the strict regime sets himself. His two-year-old daughter was his workout partner only the other day.

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Now he reveals the lengths he goes to in his attempt to help his body recover from the grueling efforts he puts forth on the field.

Have you ever just tried to hold ice in your hand?

It’s almost impossible to do it for any significant length of time.

What about falling into ice-cold water?

We can all attest to the fact it’s almost impossible to breathe and can even be painful.

Well, how about a full-body ice bath?

That’s what Cristiano Ronaldo does as part of his quest to be the best and stay the best!

Ice cold, check it out!

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Ice recovery 🧊💪🏼

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