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“If there’s no Club World Cup then why the f*** are we playing for?”

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Tigres UANL manager is set to guide his team to today’s CONCACAF Champions League final, but as of right now there’s no incentive to win it.

Tigres UANL and Rayados Monterrey will face off in tonight’s first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Final.

Normally the winning team would not only get bragging rights in the zone, but they would also get prize money, and the chance to play in the FIFA Club World Cup.

But it seems like the 2018 edition of the tournament in the United Arab Emirates is the last one in the current format, with a new edition and structure expected to start in 2021.

“We wanted to get to the final, we wanted to get again to the final to have once again the opportunity to play this tournament [the FIFA Club World Cup],” Tigres manager Ricardo Ferretti said during a press conference attended by a Ronaldo.com reporter.

“Right now there’s no tournament, well, there’s no host. We will see if they organize it, I hope they do, I wouldn’t want to win [the CONCACAF Champions League] only to be told there’s no tournament.”

“If there’s no tournament then why the f*** are we playing for?” he said laughing.

“I hope they find a host, and first, we have to play the final; Monterrey and we have the wish of winning this game.”

Tigres and Rayados will play tonight in the first leg of the Final, with the second leg to be played next week.

“Here the word ‘obligation’ isn’t the right one. I think ‘ambition’ is the word,” Ferretti said with a smile.

“We have the ambition to achieve something and get us out of this unfortunate situation, and they also do with not having been able to achieve anything in their new stadium. Which of the two? Wednesday we’ll see who achieves the final objective.”