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Ighalo has done “too good” to leave United

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Owen Hargreaves is of the opinion that Odion Ighalo not staying at Manchester United would be a huge shock given the impact he’s had.

When Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer announced the last-minute loan signing of Odion Ighalo, it was a deal that cried out desperation.

However, since the moment the player arrived and the first second he took to the field in a Red Devils’ jersey it has cried out genius.

The Nigerian international has been a revelation. Not only has he demonstrated a “true love for the club” attitude that has been lacking for several seasons, but he has also delivered the goods on the pitch.

Former United midfielder Owen Hargreaves admits he had his doubts at first. But now he would be more surprised to see the player leave than stay.

The retired England international told Talk Sport:

“He’s a big United fan isn’t he and he’s done great, he’s done really good.”

“Better probably than he could have hoped and Man United could have hoped.”

“I think he’s been a good fit for Man United and when you sign players you’ve got to get the right fit.”

“It’s not always about getting the best name, it’s about getting the guy that you don’t have that you need.”

“He was somebody that whoever signed him hats off to you because he’s given them something different.”

“I’m sure they’ll try, if it’s sensible, to keep him longer. I’d be surprised if he left.”

“Hopefully he stays.”

As good as Ighalo has been, if United end up doing a deal for the likes of Kane or Werner, there will surely be no room for the fan-favorite in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad for him.