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Iker Casillas, the goalkeeper Real Madrid abandoned

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After making all the headlines due to his sudden heart attack, it is a perfect time to remember goalkeeper Iker Casillas and his time at Real Madrid.

The news of Iker Casillas suffering a sudden heart attack took us all by surprise, he is one of the most revered former Real Madrid players in history.

But his time in Los Blancos is worthy of examination due to the way in which everything went down.

Casillas suffered insults and several terrible moments with the Spanish giants due to an alleged betrayal he made against his own squad.

However, this story was wildly manipulated by the press that always supported manager Jose Mourinho and nothing was corroborated.

An important part of the Real Madrid fans actually believe that Iker Casillas leaked information about Jose Mourinho’s tactics to the local press.

The situation between the player and the supporters got to a critical point, they even started to whistle at him at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and pushed him away.

Iker Casillas had to suffer extreme abuse from several members of the media and they never allowed him to fulfill his dream of retiring at Real Madrid.

The same Spanish hero who gave his country a World Cup and two European Championships suddenly became enemy number 1 amongst the Real Madrid fan-base.

His final trophy at Real Madrid and his new adventure in Porto.

Jose Mourinho’s exit from Real Madrid left a huge void in a big part of the club’s supporters who loved the Portuguese manager, they felt Casillas was the main culprit for his exit.

Iker continued to suffer abuse from many fans and he reached a tipping point that pushed him away from his beloved club.

But the worst part of all this situation was the fact that the Real Madrid board didn’t do anything to prevent one of their greatest legends from leaving the institution.

Instead of backing their captain within the squad, president Florentino Perez decided to let him leave through the back door.

Casillas continued his career at FC Porto with relative success, but he missed the most important years of the squad during the time when Zinedine Zidane managed the team.

The French manager actually wanted Casillas to come back but the player himself refused the invitation.

Iker knows that nothing will ever be the same between him and many of the Real Madrid supporters after that alleged betrayal episode.

But the episode he suffered this Wednesday may change the tide for him, as all the football world expressed their concern over his well-being.

Casillas must consider retirement.

Suffering a heart attack is not a joke, this is one of the most serious health problems any person can suffer, let alone a professional football player.

Iker Casillas should already be thinking about life as a retiree, he must realize that his playing days are long gone.

The doctors must have told him that he can’t keep playing football anymore, Iker needs to start thinking about his family.

A report from Diario AS reveals that the goalkeeper is alive and well after the surgery, some of his FC Porto teammates accompanied him at the hospital after the incident.

Many football personalities have expressed their admiration for the goalkeeper and even Real Madrid issued an official statement about their former captain.

After so many differences between Iker and the club, only this near-death experience brought them together.

Hopefully, they can work together again in the future and forget about the problems from the past.

Manager Jose Mourinho will always have this terrible handling of Iker Casillas situation as a stain inside his resume.

The Spanish goalkeeper remains as one of the best in football history, he certainly is among the Top 5.

Where would you rank Iker Casillas amongst the best goalkeepers in football history? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.