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‘I’m better than Van Dijk’ – Former Everton man speaks out

Van Dijk
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Former Everton and Egypt defender Ibrahim Said believes he is better than Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk. He explains his reasons for his comments.

Former Everton defender Ibrahim Said believes he has better qualities than Van Dijk.

The Liverpool man has been a colossus since joining the Reds and is already regarded as one of the best defenders and even players at large in world football.

Van Dijk has transformed Liverpool’s back-line since he moved to Anfield, being one of the vital figures as they’ve gone on to lift the Champions League and the long-awaited Premier League in succession.

In a time where the Dutchman is proving to be one of the most influential footballers in the world, ex-Everton man Ibrahim Said has made an outrageous claim saying he’s a better defender.

“I am more skilled than Van Dijk, because he plays in only one position, while I have been playing in more than one. Certainly, I’m better than him,” Said told Egyptian TV channel TEN.

Said went on to stress that Van Dijk has a negative in that he loses focus at times. He also says the presence of strong teammates helps him shine on the pitch.

“I talk seriously about this, if you compare me to him, you will find that there is a huge difference between us in everything, because he has a negative, which is that when he loses his focus, [he plays] completely incorrectly,” Said continued.

“The possibilities he possesses, in addition to his teammates, make any player shine at this level, I am seriously talking about this.”

“[Van] Dijk is a good defender, but sometimes he makes mistakes like all defenders in the world.”

Asides Said, another footballer recently claimed Van Dijk isn’t all that special as well. On closer look, it could be rivalry talking as both players have ties with the Red’s local rivals Everton.