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Iniesta could keep playing at the highest level in Europe

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Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta proved this past Friday that he still has what it takes to keep playing at the highest level in Europe in the J-League.

We all know that Andres Iniesta made the rash decision to play for his very last club in the Japanese J-League for Vissel Kobe, but he proved last Friday that he still has the talent and skill to keep playing at the highest level in Europe if he wanted.

This past Friday in a very special league match between Vissel Kobe and Sagan Tosu, Andres Iniesta played alongside compatriot David Villa and they faced their also teammate Fernando Torres on March 1st.

The game was a very close call for the local squad, with Andres Iniesta playing a spectacular match and Villa scoring his very first goal in Japanese football against his former National Team companion on the attack.

The goal from David came early in the second half after a defensive mistake left him alone in front of the goalkeeper, the former Barcelona striker had already struck the ball on the bar during the first half and he was eager to leave his mark on this very special game.

However, the most impressive moment of the match came from Andres Iniesta during the final minutes of the match at NOEVIR Stadium in the city fo Kobe.

It all happened in a matter of seconds as Vissel Kobe was trying to keep the ball for as long as they could in order to get the final result in their favor, all the players were prepared to do whatever it took to keep the ball possession and Iniesta is a real specialist when he does this.

The former Barcelona midfielder took the ball near the corner kick as three Sagan Tosu defenders came up to take it from him, Andres was showing his back to all of them protecting the ball and it took him only a small moment of brilliance to clear his path from all his markers.

The Spaniard decided to touch the ball with his heel and an opponent took the worst part, as Iniesta got himself a beautiful nutmeg that made the whole stadium roar after what they just witnessed.

This single moment of skill has already made its way to all the news outlets in the world such as Diario AS, proving that Iniesta may have decided to leave top-tier football a bit too soon for everyone’s taste.

We really hope that a legend like Andres Iniesta considers playing football in another European club in the near future, he already said that he wouldn’t but we urge Pep Guardiola to convince him for a final season at the highest level.

We are entering a very sad era in football, one in which we are going to start watching some of the best players in recent history hanging up their boots for good and leave memories of their best football in Youtube videos that we will surely revisit every time we can.

Many players will do the same and we will all be very sad about this, but Andres Iniesta is a very special case that will bring us even greater sadness than other players.

This Spanish midfielder wasn’t only one of the best players in football history, he is also a true gentleman both on and off the pitch and people around the world always recognized him as one of the very best.

There are many fond memories of this player’s career to remember, but one that really hit a nerve with us was the time when he visited Brazil for the 2014 World Cup with the Spanish National Team.

In every single match that Andres Iniesta played during that tournament, all the Brazilian fans that visited the stadium where he played gave Andres a standing ovation.

There is no greater recognition that getting applauded by the single most passionate football culture in history, a country where this beautiful sport is considered a religion and where people can recognize greatness instantly.

Do you think Andres Iniesta could reconsider and play one last season in Europe? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.