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Iniesta pens a heartfelt letter to Torres before his farewell

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Before facing each other for one last time in their career, Andres Iniesta decided to write a heartfelt letter to Fernando Torres as a farewell.

It finally happened, Fernando Torres played the last football match as a professional and he did it against Andres Iniesta’s Vissel Kobe.

The game was quite emotional and had three Spaniards on the pitch, David Villa was there as well.

It wasn’t the farewell that ‘El Niño’ would’ve liked, his side lost 6-1 with a goal by Iniesta from the spot.

The former Barcelona player had to leave the pitch after suffering a hamstring injury, things didn’t work out the way anybody would’ve liked.

However, this was the very last time we saw Fernando wearing a kit on a pro football match.

Ahead of the game, there was a beautiful gesture from Iniesta that reminded us of that beautiful letter Xavi wrote when Luis Aragones passed away.

The sentiment is very similar, Andres wrote it for El Mundo and Fernando posted on his social media accounts.

We decided to translate the full letter and share it with you in its entirety.

“This feels strange. Don’t say it doesn’t, Fernando. It is very strange, I would say it’s beautifully strange,” started writing Andres Iniesta.

“Here are the two of us, about to play your last match as a professional. I still have a little time left though. Here we are. At the other side of the world.”

“It’s almost as if the stubborn life brought us all the way to Japan to say goodbye to each other.”

“Football brought us together more than 20 years ago, when we were just little kids. Well, you will always be ‘The Kid’.”

“And it will never set us apart. We found each other when we had utopic dreams. That goal that gave us the under 16 European Championship against England.”

“I will never forget that gesture you had when you dedicated it to me. I was watching it on television because I had to go back home with an injury.” 

“Do you remember, Fernando, that signed Trinidad & Tobago jersey with a promise that seemed unattainable?” Iniesta continued.

“But we did it man. And since then, we’ve always done it together. Vienna, Johannesburg…”

“That unforgettable assist from Xavi that made you give reason to everything the ‘Wiseman’ said, the master, Luis.”

“That cross you made so we could score the most important goal of our lives. We were separated, but always together.”

“And until the last moment. Above any color or club. We lived in different cities. You in Madrid, and me in Barcelona. But we were never enemies.”

“We were simply a couple of friends who dressed a different shirt but were always merged by red skin. Or ‘Reddie’, whatever we want to call it.” 

“Because our history comes from a far distance, despite not a lot of people knowing about it. From very far away.”

2It didn’t really matter that you broke barriers by going to the Premier League, where they discovered the talent of a unique ‘Kid’.”

“First it was in Liverpool, then it happened at Chelsea. By the time you went back to your home, Atletico Madrid, I also teared up like everybody else.”

“Because football goes beyond success and failure in sport, it is a way to understand life. And you, Fernando, have dignified this sport. Our sport.”

“I’m not even talking about the goals you’ve scored, I lost count of them years ago. I’m also not talking about the titles you’ve conquered in your wonderful career.”

“I’m talking about your behavior, your respect for the game, for your teammate, your rival, and for the ball of course.” 

“That football we started passing around on unknown fields, away from the spotlights, from the cameras.”

“Until we got to share thousands of experiences before winning a World Cup for our country. When we met again in Spain, I will show you that jersey.”

“I cherish it as a treasure that nobody else discovered. Although, it is true that there is no greater treasure than your friendship, dead Fernando.” 

“This has been a wonderful trip. It has taken us to all the corners of the world. And look where we are today.”

“In Tosu, just you and I playing a football match one more time. But this isn’t just another game. This will be your last one.”

“Who would’ve told us huh?! You face David Villa and me. Then, you return home. Your own people await for you, but you have to know that football will be sadder than it was yesterday.”

“Enjoy everything that will come from now on and be happy. But how strange, Fernando. You still haven’t left and I already miss you,” wrote Andres for ‘El Mundo’ ahead of the match.

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