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Iniesta thinking about becoming a manager after playing career

Andres Iniesta, Barcelona
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Andres Iniesta is going through the twilight of his career in Japan, where he still impresses with his technical superiority and mental quickness on the ball.

The Barcelona legend will be remembered as one of the most enjoyable players to watch.

His movement was always in sync, never losing balance, seemingly dancing around the ball as he dribbles past opponents.

He also revived the vintage “croqueta” originally brought to Spain by Iniesta’s role-model, Michael Laudrup.

However, Barca and football fans in general will be thrilled to hear that Iniesta is considering becoming a manager one day.

Talking to TyC Sports, Iniesta opened up about the prospect of managing:

“The idea of becoming a coach is on my mind,” Iniesta said, quoting Goal.

“For a long time I didn’t think about it because right now the thing I think about the most is playing football.

“But in the not too distant future I think the desire to coach will be stronger.

“I would like to continue playing football,” he continued.

“There is no greater joy than going out onto the field and training every day.

“If you’re happy, you can do that for longer. Hopefully it continues like this. We’ll see how far I can go.”

Asked about Japanese football, Iniesta spoke of the quality level, saying:

“To tell you the truth, Japan is not a place to come to retire.

“The demand is high and it’s brutal at all levels but I still enjoy football, which is what motivates me to continue.”

Finally, no interview with Iniesta can go without talking about Barca.

“It’s true that [Messi] spent a long time without any injuries, whether it be muscular or trauma, but in the end injuries are a part of football”

“Sometimes you get a streak of injuries but that doesn’t mean anything. The important thing is to recover well and return stronger. That’s the key.

“I don’t know if I’m bias but Barca, after being there for so long, knowing how to play and how to reach their goals, I still see them as different from the rest.

“The results may be better or worse, but I think they’re better than last year because of the signings they’ve made.

“They’ll fight for everything again, just as they always do.”