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Iniesta thinks Dembele can still be saved at Barcelona

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Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta, still thinks that the whole situation with Ousmane Dembele can be salvaged in due time.

Now that Andres Iniesta is far from everything that’s happening in FC Barcelona, he has a chance to look at the club from a distance and give his opinion about situations like the one with Ousmane Dembele.

The French winger arrived in the club when Andres was still the skipper last season, the pressure he went through was huge because he was purchased by the club as a way to cover the sudden void that Neymar left when he signed a new contract for Paris Saint-Germain.

It was obvious that the French youngster would take a little time to adapt to the new life, but over a year has already gone by and things seem to only be getting worse for the kid.

There have been constant demonstrations of indiscipline from his side, which have also brought many reactions from his teammates as a sign of disapproval of everything he does at the club.

Many of the more experienced elements in the squad, even think that the player is not taking his job as a Barcelona player seriously and keep sending him messages in every chance they get.

People like Gerard Pique, Luis Suarez, and even Arturo Vidal have already spoken in public about Dembele’s situation.

As far as the former players are concerned, Dembele has already provoked statements from people like Gerard Lopez or Carles Puyol, who think he should really start considering the club he is in and not let an opportunity like this go.

This Tuesday while talking on a show for Catalunya Radio, it was Andres Iniesta’s turn to speak about the whole situation with the French player.

To everyone’s surprise, the former Barcelona player didn’t come after Ousmane on his statement and decided to give him a little push forward by encouraging him to get out of this situation and start delivering better results for FC Barcelona.

The midfielder limited himself to only talk about his experience with Dembele while he still played for the club, which was quite refreshing considering how much the youngster has been attacked by many of his teammates and former players.


“I consider that it’s very difficult to give my opinion on this matter because I am no longer at the club on a day to day basis, but it’s clear that every professional should be responsible with his obligations in any institution,” said Iniesta during the interview.

“I frankly don’t know what happened or if anything has happened once, twice, or even ten times. I don’t know if all the criticism against Dembele is coming from a real place or if there is another type of problem, if there is such situation, all I know is that it needs to be addressed from inside the dressing room.”

“All I can tell you about Ousmane is that he has incredible skills and quality as a player. If the people on the inside keep saying that everybody needs to make him understand that he needs to feel important, is because the club has made a major bet on him and nobody can have any doubts about him by now.”

“But I can also tell you that the player also needs to make an effort on his part if he made any kind of mistake. He came in the way that he did, the club paid what they paid and he is a player that belongs to the club now.”

“We need to make the best out of this situation and get the very best performance from him, for as long as we can,” he concluded.

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