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Insane video – fan attacks the referee with his car

referee car attack
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When the referee is calling things your teams way, what do you do? Apparently, in South Africa’s lower leagues, you get your car.

It was game in the lower leagues of South African football. It appears that after several poor calls from the referee’s enough was enough for one fan.

He went to his car.

The only problem was he came back to the field in it.

The enraged fan drove their car onto the field and chased down the official and even threatened the lives of players and other spectators too.

It was a game in the ABC Motsepe League between Luka Ball Controllers and Polokwane City Rovers.

Apparently when his beloved Luka went behind that was it, the fan snapped and took some insane action.

According to The Citizen, onlookers said he was aiming for the referee but all he did was ruin the game.

They said:

“Each time the game was set to restart he threatened to go on to the field against.”

“It spoiled the game because be kept trying to drive the car towards the City Rovers bench.”

“He wanted to hit the referee, that is who he was targeting.”

“He turned his attention to the Rover bench in frustration because the referee made his way off the field as he feared he would be run over by the fan.”

Referees are known to make bad decisions but surely this is too far?

Check out the insanity!