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Insigne opens up about “rows” with Ancelotti

Insigne and Ancelotti, Napoli
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Lorenzo Insigne seems to be falling out of favor with the club’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti at times.

This was highlighted by a couple of occasions where the Italian winger was benched, or even sent to the stands by Ancelotti.

Although those events do affect Insigne, he still loves the fact that Ancelotti is in charge, especially as Lorenzo himself is a huge Napoli fan.

Talking to Rai Sport, Insigne commented:

“My rapport with Ancelotti is a bit odd, as at times we have had rows, but that’s all down to our respective personalities,” he said.

“Carlo remains an extraordinary Coach and I really hope to win with him.

“Over two years of training sessions, when I arrived late or irritable, at times I’ve responded to some of his observations, but these are incidents that start and end there, they don’t get dragged on.

“Obviously, that’s not all that happens, as I can joke around with the Coach too. Since he’s been at the club, he has never forced me to take on a role I didn’t want.”

Insigne highlighted the importance of Napoli for him, adding:

“Some Napoli fans haven’t understood me, as they consider me arrogant, as if they have a different image of how I am in reality.

“I hope that they can change their minds and stand by me, because I’d get myself killed for the Napoli jersey.”

He also announced a serious title challenge:

“The time has come for Napoli to win, we’ve been waiting too long now.”

Asked about Sarri’s decision to join Napoli, Insigne concluded:

“The Coach is of a certain age and had this big opportunity. I hope he does well, because I do care for him after all he did for Napoli and the city of Naples.”

Napoli is currently at 4th spot in Serie A with six points behind the league-leader Juventus.