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Inter suffer €22m decrease in sponsorship revenue

Inter Milan
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Inter Milan have recorded a loss in profit after the club saw a €22m decrease in sponsorship revenue for the season.

Inter have seen a decent season where they are chasing potential silverware on the pitch.

Off it they are not seeing the same fortunes it would appear.

According to Calcio e Finanza via Football-Italia, the Nerrazurri have made €38.3m in sponsorship revenues during the first six months of the campaign.

That isn’t a bad number except it shows a big decline when compared to revenues made at this point last season.

As at this point last season, Inter had made €60.7m, meaning they have suffered a decrease of around €22.4m in guaranteed sponsorship money.

The decrease was majorly affected in the area of regional sponsor and naming rights as shown below.

Shirt sponsor (Pirelli): 2018: €5.27m 2019: €6.13m
Technical sponsor (Nike): 2018: €5.03m 2019: €6.25m
Partnership EU/Global: 2018: €5.87m 2019: €8.07m
Regional sponsor and naming rights: 2018: €44.53m 2019: €17.85m

Althugh in the event that Inter win the Serie A and do well in the Europa League or possibly win it most of these numbers would surely balance up and possibly record a profit as well.