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Is Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United
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Being one of the biggest and best players in the world, the rumours of transfer are occasionally swirling around Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even though he has no history of signing contracts with new clubs very often, he is an extremely desired and coveted player and, therefore, many fans around the world are dreaming of seeing him play for their favourite club. Recent rumours state that he might be returning to his old club of Manchester United. What do you reckon? We believe it will happen. 

His previous time in Manchester United

Ronaldo signed with the Red Devils back in 2003 after manager Alex Ferguson was impressed with his performance in the match between his former club, Sporting CP, and Manchester United. The signing resulted in Ronaldo being the most expensive teenage football player at the time with a transfer fee of more than 12 million pounds. Ronaldo played for the club until 2009 and achieved a tremendous amount of success. In his first season in United, he won the FA Cup and the following years included three Premier League titles, winning the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World club, and last but not least, receiving his first Ballon d’Or. It is safe to say that his time in Manchester United was when he developed into the successful player he is today. Rumour has it, he might be returning to this club. Whether you believe the rumours or not, they provide a breeding ground for great betting opportunities. Go to one of the best football betting sites in the UK and bet on Ronaldo’s return. 

The following clubs 

In 2009 Ronaldo signed with Real Madrid with a world record transfer sum of 80 million pounds. He played for Los Blancos for almost a decade, and his time in Madrid included a total of 15 titles and becoming the club’s all-time top goal scorer. It was also at his time in Spain that Ronaldo won the title of the world’s best football player presented by Ballon d’Or for the fifth time. Even though rumours floated about him signing other clubs, it was not until 2018, where the Italian club Juventus paid 88 million pounds, he made a move. He has not been in Italy for long, and yet rumours are already swirling that a return to one of his previous clubs is nearby. On betting sites, you can play your bet and guess where Ronaldo will be playing, when he will score his next goal or perhaps if he’ll win another Ballon d’or.