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Is Cristiano Ronaldo a good gambler?

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Cristiano Ronaldo is recognised as one of the greatest football players in history.

The Portuguese striker has lifted all major football trophies for club football. He has broken many records in football, including the most goals in the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. In addition to that, he has received over 300 awards in his football career including the most Ballon D’or awards of all players.

At 36 years, CR7 is still a football powerhouse, not looking to retire soon. You can only get to such levels by taking risks. CR7 loves living life to the fullest, including his affection for occasionally hitting casinos. He has inspired many of his fans to love poker. Here are some reviews of online casinos so you can get involved in yourself. 

Love for poker 

Football might be his first love, but when it comes to gambling games, poker takes his heart. CR7’s love for poker is open and well known. He has played against many top poker players and participated in charity events in connection to poker. 

Ronaldo’s love for poker likely started in his teens. The young Ronaldo must have found interest in poker as it has some aspects that rhymed well with his love for football. Just as in football, a good poker player must apply skills, tactics and strategy to bluff and outwit the opponents. His skills in the two games fed off each other.

CR7 shows the same aptitude in poker that he constantly shows on the football field. He applies the techniques and wits from the football field to his poker games. His high profile in the entertainment scene also saw him play at the top poker games in Europe.

Poker engagements 

Ronaldo’s love for poker is well known with his publicized poker games against famous opponents like Patrik Antonius. His best-known poker engagement was an agreement with PokerStars. 

Ronaldo partnered with PokerStars in the #raiseit campaign. This campaign revolved around duelling videos where celebrities would try to outdo each other showing off their skills. Ronaldo battled celebrity athletes such as Dwyane Wade and Aaron Paul.

Ronaldo and Wade battled it out in a series of #raiseit challenge with Ronaldo showing off football skills and Wade showing off basketball skills. The videos went viral and have been watched by millions of fans.  

#Raiseit challenge

PokerStars launched the #raiseit campaign in order to highlight the importance of sport in building tenacity, focus and endurance. The competitiveness of poker is the perfect platform for highlighting these characteristics. The #raiseit challenge was to show the competitiveness involved raising the poker pot. 

Ronaldo said the best that every person has in themselves comes out when they are challenged. By trying to outdo each other in the #raiseit challenge, Ronaldo and Wade were setting the bar higher for each other. The challenge allowed them to push their limits and become more inventive to make better tricks. Each participant was thinking about how to outsmart and fire up the opponent. 

The #raiseit challenge was a massive success. The first footballers on the challenge were Neymar Junior and Ronaldo Nazario. The challenge reached over 100 million fans. CR7 was a big boost to the challenge because of his social media fan base. He is the most-followed personality currently with 254 million followers. 

The #raiseit challenge was in 14  videos in a do-and-answer format. Wade started the challenge and Ronaldo ‘retaliated’ the following day. The two superstars posted the videos on their social media channels for three months’ period.

PokerStars partnership with Ronaldo was perfect. PokerStars is the biggest poker platform with over 160 billion hands played on the platform since its inception. It is the most licensed poker platform, operating in more than 20 jurisdictions. It operates in the US, Latin America and Europe. 

Ronaldo’s profile as a celebrity footballer gives voice to any cause he supports. He is a multi-talented celebrity, excellent on the pitch and masterful on the poker table. When he plays, he brings the same focus and seriousness of the football pitch to the poker table. It is likely that poker will be his next dominant performance after retiring from football.