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Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it the NBA, oh no it’s just Ronaldo

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Sampdoria director Massimo Ferrero thought a plane was taking off, while manager Claudio Ranieri thought he was watching the NBA.

It is the goal being spoken about all over the world.

The leap that separates Ronaldo not only from all other footballers but all other human beings.

It was a goal that ultimately sealed Sampdoria’s fate in their 1-2 defeat to Juventus.

Many opponents would cry and whine about this, that or the other.

But Sampdoria’s director Massimo Ferrero and manager Claudio Ranieri can’t help but crack a smile and joke.

Ferrero thought he was at the airport, while Ranieri was maybe at a basketball game.

According to Sky Sports Italia, he and his manager were quite simply amazed.

Ferrero said:

“I must say that Ronaldo had to be booked after that leap.”

“It was as if he was taking off like an airplane! Cristiano won the game.”

Ranieri added:

“When they make these goals we can only shake his hand, they are worth the price alone of the ticket.”

” Ronaldo did something that you see in the NBA.”

“There is nothing to say, only compliments.”