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Is McGinn the unrecognized hero of Aston Villa?

Grealish, McGinn, Villa
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According to Graeme Souness, John McGinn is Aston Villa’s real hero, but his tireless work is overshadowed by the fancy footwork of Jack Grealish.

Jack Grealish is the very public figure of the Aston Villa football team. The club captain and creative attacking midfielder has been receiving all the plaudits and attention.

The number 10 is said to be high up the wanted list of Manchester United, such has been his displays of skill and ability.

But former Liverpool player and boss Graeme Souness believe one of Villa’s most key player that appears to be overlooked from the outside, is John McGinn.

Souness describes McGinn as a box to box aggressor, who might be key to their survival in the Premier League if he recovers from his ankle fracture in time.

Writing in The Times Souness said:

“There is no doubt they missed John McGinn after he fractured his ankle.”

“A lot of fuss is made of Jack Grealish, but McGinn does a lot of the unseen work, the box-to-box aggression.”

“Whereas Grealish attracts more attention because he spends more time running with the ball.” 

“If McGinn comes back and plays like he did at the start of the season it could help them survive.”

“But they also may find it difficult to hold on to him when the transfer window opens.”

Are the likes of Manchester United targeting the wrong Aston Villa player this summer?