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Is Ronaldo leaving Juventus?

Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus
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Ronaldo, arguably one of the best football players in the world, brings not just skill, but also revenue to any club he joins.

Shirt sales go up, sales of tickets increase and the overall interest in the club increases as soon as he signs on the dotted line.Oh, and the chance of topping the league also increases somewhat as well. He’s been a legend since his Man U days. Since then, Real Madrid and Juventus have all capitalised on his star power. However, rumours are circulating that he’s set to move on, with bookies such as Sportsbet taking bets on whether he’ll leave and which club he’ll go to.

A team player or a solo artist?

No one can deny his skill, but there is talk that Juventus are set to say goodbye to their highest-paid star in the summer, allegedly because he is not the best team player and focuses on himself and his own successes. No matter how good any player is, the team should always be bigger. Once the footballer cares more about his own achievements rather than his club’s, it causes problems.

Currently, Ronaldo’s contract with the Italian giants runs until 2022, but apparently, Juventus want him out before then. What’s more, as it stands, they will certainly not be looking to extend his contract, which currently costs them €31m each season. However, it could be argued that he is worth the money. Ronaldo has made 84 appearances for the club and has scored 68 goals. The stats speak for themselves, as the team has won only 55% of their games in which Ronaldo hasn’t played. This doesn’t bode well for a team that wants to get rid of him. However, he hasn’t brought the team the success that they have wanted.

European titles

One of the biggest dreams for any major team in Europe is to lift the Champions League trophy. However, Juventus hasn’t had success here since 1996 – almost 25 years ago. The team was hoping that the addition of the Portigues superstar would take them back to the top, but it seems that this success cannot be achieved by relying on one player. No team can win a big trophy on the shoulders of one man. Teams may reach so far on the back of a goalscoring genius, but it needs a whole squad to win the title. The most successful teams rely on tactics and an overall solid team, rather than just one spark of brilliance.

Where to next?

It’s unlikely that Ronaldo will be struggling for a team. There are already a number of top European teams already in the line up as possible destinations. The current favourite is PSG, which is no stranger to signing superstars, with Mbappe and Neymar already on the team sheet. The team isn’t afraid to splash the cash on world-class players. Could he return to Man U? It’s unlikely, but he has plenty of fans in the Premier League. Or will he play his last days in the MLS? He’s not quite ready for that yet, Wherever he goes, he’ll undoubtedly take his goals and fans with him.

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