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Is Ronaldo to blame for De Gea’s demise?

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s hattrick against David De Gea in the 2018 World Cup the beginning of the end for the Manchester United and Spain number one?

Cast your mind back to the summer of 2018. David De Gea went into the World Cup as Spain’s undisputed number one and as Manchester United’s player of the year.

However, there was one game that saw Spain dominate their World Cup opponents, but were sadly let down by the man between the sticks.

Ronaldo’s first goal saw De Gea sent the wrong way and CR7 scored from the penalty spot.

Not such a big deal , its more a matter of luck than skill from 12 yards out.

Spain got back into the game with a moment of their own magic from Diego Costa.

But a Ronaldo pulled his side level, although it must be said with a little help from De Gea.

The then Real Madrid man took a shot from about 20 yards out, and United’s number one was well-positioned to scoop the ball up. Unfortunately, he misjudged it and fluffed the ball into the back of the net.

Spain pulled themselves back into the game and even took the lead.

Once again though Ronaldo stepped up and took a free-kick. De Gea’s positioning was questionable as he left himself with nothing more than the perfect view of the ball floating into the back of the net.

Check out the highlights of what some have deemed the beginning of the end of David De Gea.

As De Gea’s career appears on the rocks again, fans are having a similar thought about the Ronaldo effect from back in 2018.