Is Ronaldo’s goal against Juventus the best of his career?

In Cristiano Ronaldo’s most recent interview, the Portuguese forward didn’t hesitate to say that the bicycle kick goal against Juventus was the best of his career. But is it?

When we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals scored throughout his career, it’s really hard to hand pick one goal that we like as the best ever but the one he scored against Juventus last season is right up there among the rest. However, talking about choosing the favorite goal of a legendary player like him, can only be compared to trying to say what your favorite movie is which end up creating a headache because there are so many movies in the world. This is the same with Cristiano Ronaldo, choosing only one of his goals as a favorite is frankly impossible because there are so many great ones to choose from. What we will do is talk about some of the best goals he’s ever scored and we’ll let you decide which one you like the most as well as add any other goal we have failed to mention in this article. We are not going to number them, just talk about some of them randomly.

The perfect free-kick against Portsmouth.

It was the Manchester United era during the season in which Cristiano Ronaldo completely exploded as the best footballer in the world, the Red Devils played against Cristiano Ronaldo during the most unplayable he ever was in the Premier League and produced one of the most insane moments in the tournament’s history. The way in which the Portuguese forward struck the ball that day against David James’ Portsmouth, United’s number ‘7’ had already scored his team’s first goal of the match after a beautiful combination with Nani but his best moment was yet to come. Then an old Sol Campbell committed a foul on Ronaldo right outside the box, without imagining what was about to take place at Old Trafford. It was an odd trajectory that ball took, but it came out of Ronaldo’s right foot like an absolute bullet and pierced through David James’ angle in a perfect way. Cristiano had done it, he had scored the perfect free-kick in the most Captain Tsubasa fashion.

Manchester City v Manchester United

Remembering the partnership between Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney

Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney played together five years at Manchester United, forming one of the greatest partnerships ever seen in English football.

The one against Porto one year later.

This goal was worth a ticket to the 2009 Champions League final, it also gave Ronaldo the first ever Puskas Award in football history. As we could enjoy throughout his career with Real Madrid, Cristiano loved to hit the ball from a distance, but that goal he scored against Porto when he was still a Manchester United player came nearly from midfield in arguably one of the most impressive long-range goals in the Champions League’s history. Later in his career, Cristiano Ronaldo was able to score many goals from a long distance with some really interesting variations of his skill to strike the ball. We can’t forget the attempts he made against Atletico Madrid or the one against Osasuna from far away, but the goal he scored against Levante is a special kind of way to hit the ball in order to create such an odd curve down as it goes directly to the goalkeeper. Completely unstoppable.

That gorgeous backheel goal in Vallecas.

This one is hard to explain because of how complicated it is to execute, but only a player like Cristiano Ronaldo can score such an amazing goal. There are many strikers who love scoring backheel goals, it makes them look dapper and classy. But Cristiano Ronaldo somehow reinvented the skill and he did it in the most impossible way that no one else can do it. It was an away match against Rayo Vallecano when Real Madrid was wearing a weird red kit, during a free kick Cristiano tried to control the ball but his reception wasn’t as good as usual and moved a couple of meters in front of him. However, this wasn’t going to stop Ronaldo from attempting one of the most insane strikes you will ever see and bust out arguably the most potent backheel goal in football history from far away. Even he couldn’t believe what he had just done, his celebration said it all. We know Cristiano may like his overhead kick against Juventus more, but we simply can’t pick only one from his incredible repertoire.

Tell us a few of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals that you like the most from his whole career as a player. Also, please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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