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Is Ronaldo’s latest post a clue to his relationship with Sarri?

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Cristiano Ronaldo took to social media talking of a time to reflect and achieve more at Juventus but was deafeningly silent on Maurizio Sarri.

There have been rumors in the Italian tabloids that current Juventus player Douglas Costa and former players, Sami Khedira and Emre Can like the official post of Sarri’s sacking.

From the current crop of Juventus players following the sacking of Maurizio Sarri, there has generally been blanket silence.

However, is this silence a big clue to the poor state of the outgoing manager’s relationship with his squad?

Cristiano has taken to social media, praising his personal and team accomplishments. However, he is clear in his objective to do better and meet the fan’s demands of more success.

It is almost traditional in the quest to reflect on both success and failure in an aim to come back better.

What is glaring from his words though, is what is not said.

There is no mention of the manager’s contribution or a message of good luck or bon voyage on your next job.

On his Instagram Ronaldo said:

“The 2019/20 season is over for us, much later than usual but yet sooner than we expected. Now it’s time for reflection, time to analyze the ups and downs because critical thinking is the only way to improve.”

“A huge club such as Juventus must always think like the best in the world, work like the best in the world so that we can call ourselves one of the best and biggest clubs in the world.”

“Winning the Serie A once again in such a difficult year is something that we are very proud of. Personally, scoring 37 goals for Juventus and 11 for the Portuguese National Team is something that makes me face the future with renewed ambition and desire to keep doing better and better each year.” 

“But the fans demand more from us. They expect more from us. And we have to deliver, we must live up to the highest expectations.”

“May this short vacation break allow us all to make the best decisions for the future and come back stronger and more committed than ever.”


The pair’s relationship had been rumored to be cordial at best. Ronaldo has never been truly happy since Sarri subbed him out earlier in the season.

Whether Ronaldo had any influence in the Italian tactician departure is unknown. However, what is clear is that the silence from CR7 and his teammates is almost defending.

Perhaps the writing has been on the wall for some time?