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Is Sarri a Napoli traitor if he joins Juventus?

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Let’s analyze Maurizio Sarri’s possible arrival as the new Juventus manager, we tell whether he can be considered a traitor to Napoli or not.

The situation with Maurizio Sarri’s future is currently going through a controversial stage, many Napoli fans would feel betrayed if he coached Juventus.

In order to properly understand why they are feeling this way, we need to go through the history of this heated rivalry.

The never-ending confrontations between Juventus and SSC Napoli represent so much more than a simple football rivalry.

This is about fighting for the pride of a specific region in Italy, the north against the south.

It is well-known that the Italians from the north are considered posh and the ones from the south are considered the working class.

Juventus was always the club that had all the money, they always won the titles and Napoli basically didn’t exist as a successful club in Serie A until the mid-’80s.

The key moment in SSC Napoli’s history came when Diego Maradona arrived from FC Barcelona.

The Argentine changed the stars for this southern club and the Juventus supporters suffered a lack of success for many years.

When Diego left the club, Napoli wasn’t winning any more titles but the rivalry remained.

Every Neapolitan child who loves the club understands this rivalry, which is why Lorenzo Insigne spoke about Maurizio Sarri becoming a traitor if he coached Juventus.

When asked about these statements from Insigne, Maurizio Sarri decided to brush off these accusations and expressed how important it is for him to be considered by the Old Lady.

But Sarri needs to understand that he is playing with fire, the Napoli fans will never forgive him if he decides to make this switch.

Maurizio can go to any other club in Italian football, but Napoli will turn him into enemy number 1 in Naples.

The still Chelsea manager doesn’t believe he will be considered a traitor, he obviously doesn’t understand the Napoli way of life.

“Who is a traitor? The one who subtracts. Who makes the individual objective prevail over the collective objective,” said Sarri when asked about Lorenzo Insigne’s recent statement via Calciomercato.

“Therefore I like the front half, where there is the emblem of the company. Behind it is the name of the player: that side interests me less.”

“Kiss the shirt? Why deprive yourself of an act of love in anticipation of what will happen perhaps in ten years?”

“In Milan, many players have gone from here to there. It would be better not to do it directly, but in the course of a career it can happen.”

Sarri’s return to San Paolo won’t be good for him.

Even though everything seems to be going in Maurizio Sarri’s way, the Italian manager must expect the worst from San Paolo Stadium.

There will be no forgiving him if he decides to coach Juventus but the manager needs to understand that some sacrifices need to be made.

Any coach who refuses to train Cristiano Ronaldo would make the biggest mistake of his career.

The Napoli fans don’t understand this because there is only the rivalry for them, Juventus is the most hated club in Italian football.

Every single major European league has one of these clubs. The all-powerful institution that has all the money and gets to always fight for all the titles.

Germany has Bayern Munich, England has Manchester United, Spain has Real Madrid, France has PSG, Holland has AFC Ajax, Portugal has Benfica, and Italy has Juventus.

There is no escaping clubs like these. When one of these squads give you a call, at least you have to answer and you almost always have to accept the challenge.

So, to answer the initial question. Maurizio Sarri would be a Napoli traitor if he signs for Juventus, but the man can’t refuse the offer.

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