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Is Solskjaer cleaning up Mourinho’s mess?

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Paul Parker believes, that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is cleaning up after Jose Mourinho “annihilated” Manchester United.

Parker a former United player, and in house pundit from time to time, has weighed in on the management situation at his old club.

Parker feels that Solskjaer is not immune from the sack.

But he should be afforded more time as he feels the mess in which the club was handed to the Norweigian was extremely bad.

Solskjaer has become synonymous with the words “we are rebuildng.”

This has almost become the excuse on a weekly basis as results have been poor, to say the least.

Parker, however, feels its more than that, as Manchester United are in total disarray after Jose Mourinho’s tenure.

Speaking to Eurosport, he talks of Mourinho’s time at the club and the job which Slajaer ahs on his hands.

He is still backing Solskjaer, as he feels another change right now would not improve the situation.

He said:

“I’m not saying that you can’t get rid of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, or that you should.”

“You can change him.”

“Then someone will come in and people who don’t really understand the game will expect things to change for the better.”

“But it will be the same tools in the box.”

“The best-case scenario is that the players’ mindset will change a little bit and the new man has a hell of a start.”

“He might get an extra mile out of them in the game because they want to do something for someone else”

“But then we’ll soon be back to square one. We’ve already seen it happen with Solskjaer.”

Parker feels Mourinho has a lot to answer for and annihilated the club and players with his methods.

He added:

“I said the club should sack Jose Mourinho because he annihilated a lot of the players in the hope that it would motivate some of them to avoid being next.”

“That affected the whole club, from the playing staff to the back offices.”

“That was why he had to go.”

“He was destroying a club that is on the verge of being destroyed from above as well. That had to change.”

He feels Solskjaer is making headway though.

He continued:

“By contrast, Ole came in and has tried his best to bring everyone back together.”

“Which he has done and some of the feel-good factor had come back to the club.”

However, the retired defender fears that things may be too far gone in United and the problem cannot be repaired.

In fact, he feels a major overhaul from the foundations up is the best solution.

He concluded:

“But it will make no difference at all what they do with Ole because Manchester United is like a house without a roof.”

“The people in charge are not looking after the roof properly, and now it’s getting a bit windy so the house is starting to wobble.”

“And when the house wobbles, it affects the very foundations.”

The ultimate decision-makers are the owners, the Glazer family, and Cheif Executive Ed Woodward.

Many fear that until there is a change at the very top of Manchester united, to true footballing people, the problems will never be solved.

The club may languish in the seats of the also-rans until then.

ole gunnar solskjaer, manchester united
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 30: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manager of Manchester United walks off the pitch after the Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal FC at Old Trafford on September 30, 2019 in Manchester, United Kingdom. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)